Da Zukunst release new Single “Clickz”


People attack each other or make each other vulnerable, they get into life-threatening situations, they drift into a digital world and lose touch with reality.

They enter into questionable (advertising) deals and give too much of themselves. You want to entertain others and thereby keep yourself and others down.

All of this in the hunt for attention in the form of likes, subscribers and Clicks.

How much does this digital competition for attention and applause really costs us? what value does Clicks actually have? Can it bring us closer to paradise? Da Zukunst and Hollywood star Michael Davies address all this in their song of the same name,”Clickz”

The song “Blak – I”, which was lavishly produced in Germany and Nigeria, was under lock and key for almost a year, as was the video by Timo Leichert, which was completed after 4 days of shooting.

The time for “Clickz” would have always been the right one considering the current development. Now Mattan Original and Blak – I, who together form Da Zukunst, have finally decided to share their thoughts with the world.

How many Clicks to heaven? Let’s start asking ourselves the right questions and not carelessly giving up our attention, which is a precious commodity.

Clickz” by Da Zukunst and Michael Davies could make an important contribution to this new urgently needed development.


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