“Music Is Spiritual” says International Diaspora Artiste, D Boss E in an exclusive interview

The legacy of Nigerian-born artists in the global music industry has been proven beyond doubt as they have stormed every nook and cranny of the world exhibiting their lyrical fluency and versatility.

One of the few artists that have established this fact both locally and internationally is the Edo-born International Diaspora Artiste, Endurance Oboh Sunday who is popularly addressed by his stage name Dboss E.

The multifaceted artist and singer has had to his name several songs across Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Trap, and Gospel Music; some of which he had featured top international and local artists from his home country with the likes of Xbaba, Sammy West, and Ray Jeezy few of those that have complemented his musical creativity.

Dboss E who doubles as the C.E.O and an artiste under the umbrella of Eddii Music Records began his professional music career about five years ago in Germany (where he is currently based) and took the music industry by surprise with his first single release, “Oh God” to express his gratitude to God for the beginning of a remarkable music career.

He recently dropped his first album consisting of 12 tracks, “Speechless”- a reality-driven album compilation that reminds people of the importance of positive human relationships in the midst of these unending trials of life. The first track “Pain” was particularly to advocate the need to appreciate one’s parents during their lifetime which shows the relevance of Dboss E’s lines to the arising issues in the world and connection to his root.

Last year’s hit; “Wotowoto” featuring Xbaba definitely was the greatest vibe from the Dboss E showing off his exquisite ability to deal with any bang relating to Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Trap, and Gospel Music. Still, Dboss E has something to prove with another bang “Du lebst Noch” matching his music versatility and linguistic capacity to give vibes even in languages different from his mother tongue.

However, Dboss E is not stopping anytime soon and is aiming to shake the industry once more with his yet-to-be-released album titled “Unbelievable”. The Afrobeat star speaks highly of the single and we cannot wait to feel the vibe.

Our time with Dboss E lasted for over an hour and was full of thrills as he was in no hurry to tell us everything we needed to know about him. Here is how it went:

Can you briefly tell us how you perceive music?

It is something I have always loved. Music is spiritual and this is why I made it the motto of my music label, Eddii Music Records.

What kind of music do you sing?

I do Afro, Hip-hop, Trap, and Gospel Music.

How did you get into music?

I have been singing since the age of five as a member of the children’s choir of the church we were attending at the time in Nigeria. I proceeded to join the Agape choir section before I was finally made the choir coordinator. This motivated me to go into Gospel Music before I moved to Germany to begin my professional career in 2018, precisely on January 16.

Should we say Germany reduced your love for Gospel Music since you now do some other genres?

Not at all, I still do Gospel Music and I have been doing the other genres before I moved to Germany. I would rather say Germany opened me up to more opportunities to fully maximize my potential which is what I do now.

What was your first official release?

That was my first single; a Gospel song titled, “Oh God” after which I have released some other singles and had some collaborations with some other artists.

Do you have any albums yet?

Yeah, I have released an album titled, “Speechless” that is made up of 12 tracks and I’m currently working on another album, “Unbelievable” which will be a bang when dropped.

Which song will you consider your biggest hit so far?

It is really difficult to choose tconsidering the divergent hits I have had in recent years but I think “Du lebst Noch” and “Wotowoto” have been exceptional so far. However, I am certain, “Unbelievable” would surpass them.

What challenges have you faced so far, it would not have been all easy-peasy, right?

The challenge basically has been getting finance since music is all about money and time. It has not been easy creating time here in Europe and likewise getting funds.
Other challenges I have also faced come in form of discouragement and limited support from some people. Nonetheless, my love and zeal for music are very much stronger than this to keep me moving.

So, should I just say your love and zeal are your driving factor?

Definitely, they have kept me going all this while.
Mixing Gospel and other kinds of music together; how easy has that been for you?

To be sincere, it has not been easy but has been achievable with concentration and information. Mixing several genres of music needs you to be consistent to get experienced then you can handle the tempo and style of each kind of music at any time.

Should we consider the mixing of genres a new hobby?

I have been doing all these genres of music aside from Gospel; Afro, Hip-hop, and Trap before I started my professional career in 2018. Therefore, I do not consider them a new hobby.

How did you come about Eddii Music Records?

Eddii is a music brand I pioneered and hope to move it higher soon. The brand name, Eddii, was coiled from my name “Endurance” so; there is nothing unusual about the music record.

Do you have any long-term projections?

It is as simple as promoting Eu Diaspora music and taking it high as far as I can.

What should the world expect from you soon?

They should expect the best vibes and something “Unbelievable” soon.

Sir, can you say a final word to the up-and-coming artists out there?

To that, I would advise them to keep moving, never give up, and not to feel discouraged. They should also support one another and wave off bad vibes because, without love, we cannot grow.

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