Who are the Coolest Celebrities to follow?

Who are the Coolest Celebrities to follow?

Ok I know they vex o and I am not trying to hate anybody but these celebrities self their forming don tire me….I don dey ask some people tey make then follow me then sha they do Lau Lau, because I no be celebrity abi?? God dey ooo.

You go write person then she no go they reply unless you are complimenting them na that time you go they here “Thank you”, “I appreciate” all that one na lie ooo, if you write without complimenting omo “you are on a long thing “(D banj’s voice)..

Anywayz make we forget the ones wey no they send us(poor innocent fans), they are actually cool guys who reply you before you even send the tweet, I think they are psychic but me personally I think I follow the coolest people sha(pls don’t hate).

So I just want to know who you guys think is the coolest and the ones wey dey put us on a long thing.

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